Welcome to the world of powerful, transgressive stories that inspire change. 

My life’s work is guiding these stories out into the open, working with other artists, activists, and scholars, transforming trouble into art.

My roots are settler roots, and I am grateful to the land for sheltering and sustaining my ancestors. “Home” has been an old tobacco barn, the Island of Montreal, the eastern seaboard, great river cities, old steel towns, high in the Southern Rockies and in the desert Southwest.

Wherever I am, you can find me in print and online.

My latest book, Body & Soul: Stories for Skeptics & Seekers, is diverse, unorthodox, and wholly original. With a Foreword by Alison Pick.


Join me & find your people

Meet change-makers in creative nonfiction. In 2020, I founded a hub of life-writing webinars sponsored by Awakening Spirituality, an online community of seekers. 

Join us in 2023! And check out our videos

February 15: writing about music, with Lori Sebastianutti and Natalie Welsh

May 17: Vickie MacArthur on her new memoir A Lotus on Fire

August 16: writers living with chronic conditions, with Lana Cullis and Set L. Shuter

November 15: award-winning essayist and children’s author, Linda Trinh

7-8 PM Eastern (USA/Toronto) REGISTER here

The Stylish Pen. Listen in as Mountain Ash Press co-founder Caroline Topperman and I chat about the sometimes heart-breaking world of writing, editing, and publishing. Posted on occasion, or when we feel the need to talk.